How do LTE Phones Work?

LTE Elevator Phone

LTE elevator phones use LTE (Long-Term Evolution) networks for communication and are installed inside elevators. They have a built-in SIM card and can connect to the internet via cellular data.

When someone enters an elevator and presses the emergency telephone button, the phone connects to the LTE network and initiates a call to a monitoring center or a designated emergency number. The caller can then communicate their emergency to the operator who can dispatch appropriate services to the location.

These phones can also send real-time motion detection alerts, so if there is an incident such as an elevator malfunction, the monitoring center can respond immediately. Additionally, most LTE elevator phones have an inbuilt backup battery to ensure that it remains operational even in the event of a power outage.

Ultimately, LTE elevator phones provide reliable communication in emergency situations and ensure that help is quickly dispatched when needed.

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