Hosted VoIP Solutions for County Governments – The Right Choice

Hosted VoIP Solutions for County Governments

County governments have long led the charge in adopting technological solutions that solve community issues. One such step is adopting voice over internet protocol phone (VoIP) systems.

SnapDial works with county governments to implement VoIP phone systems, so they can enjoy the benefits. While the benefits are plentiful, six stand out regarding county governments.

1. Significant Savings

All county governments have budgetary concerns, especially after the Great Recession. Budgets continue to decrease across the United States, and county governments are looking for ways to save money while providing the same great services their constituents expect. Fortunately, hosted VoIP phone systems allow county governments to save money while enjoying all the features they need in a system.

Hosted VoIP phone systems do not require additional equipment to set up or manage. Instead, SnapDial uses the existing data network to run these systems. Governments that implement these systems do not have to purchase or maintain equipment, and employees can make long-distance calls and use video features without incurring additional fees.

Also, the billing is fixed for these services. There are not any hidden fees or surprises, making it easy to manage the budget.

2. Makes It Easier to Work Remotely

County governments have opened the doors for remote workers. Many people work outside of the office, and it is hard to keep them in the loop using a standard phone system. Hosted VoIP systems work on desk phones and mobile devices, so your remote workers can make and receive calls, take part in video conferences, and more. They will do this with their own dedicated phone number that’s connected to the government account.

SnapDial’s hosted VoIP phone systems also allow remote workers to forward and transfer calls. For example, if a worker is on the way out the door and receives a call on the landline, he or she can quickly transfer it to a cell phone without having to call the person back.

3. Enhances Security and Privacy

Government communications must be secure and private, and that’s easy to accomplish with hosted VoIP phone systems. The information is protected and stored in carrier-grade data centers, and calls are encrypted. SnapDial is also staffed with security professionals who work around the clock to ensure each call is handled securely and remains private.

4. Improves Quality Control

Quality control is also critical for government bodies. SnapDial allows authorized administrators to monitor and record all incoming and outcoming calls for quality control purposes.

5. Stays Operational During Emergencies

Government employees need to stay in contact with disaster recovery teams and constituents during emergencies. Fortunately, hosted VoIP systems make this easier. Your equipment isn’t on-site, so you don’t have to worry about it getting destroyed during a disaster. SnapDial has access to multiple data centers, so we can keep your system running during an emergency. However, in cases when you don’t have internet access to operate your s system, we have automatic failover protection. You can use this service to route calls to mobile devices automatically.

6. Improves Engagement

Phone systems should improve engagement, but that doesn’t always happen. Standard systems force citizens to speak to several people before finding the employee they need. Some aren’t willing to go through the process and hang up before their questions are answered.

SnapDial’s hosted VoIP systems include interactive voice response menus, so callers can get routed to the desired person immediately. You can also create auto-attendant greetings that people hear when they call. These greetings can include everything from hours and location to weather advisories.

Hosted VoIP systems also improve response times for employees. SnapDial can set the system up to send voicemails as audio text files. Employees can quickly scan the messages and get back to the caller.

If you are part of the county government, you want the best for your constituents. That starts with getting a hosted VoIP phone system from SnapDial. Contact us to get a quote today.

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